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110-913-001 - white

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  • 110-913-001 - white
  • 110-913-001 - white
  • 110-913-001 - white
  • 110-913-001 - white
  • 110-913-001 - white
  • 110-913-001 - white


Our limited edition Sparkle Tights are finally here! Created with our exclusive soft-touch compression fabric, these high-performance tights allow for increased support that works for everything from weight lifting to intense cardio.

Not only that, but these tights include our innovative media pocket. Just use our custom flap to lock your device in and you’re good to go—even if you’re doing handstands.

BB gym compression fabric.
High waisted.
7/8 length.
Shiny rubber tape in Better Bodies signature curve.
One side pocket at the leg, suitable for a phone or keys etc.
Irridescent shiny printed patern on the lower part of legs.
Each pair of tights are individually numbered with an irridescent print.
Limited Edition

Quality: 73% polyester 27% elastane”

Fit: High waist

CM XS:24 S:27 M:30 L:33
INCH XS:9 4/9 S:10 5/8 M:11 4/5 L:13

CM XS:59 S:61 M:63 L:65
XS:23 2/9 S:24 M:24 4/5 L:25 3/5


LTD. Sparkle tights

BB Stamm-Nummer : 110-913

Color Size Lager Price Stück
001 - white XS an Lager
139,90 SFr.
001 - white L an Lager
139,90 SFr.
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